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I'm a handicapped writer, in that I have both dyslexia and ADHD. Fortunately I friends, in addition to spell check, that help to groom my text for the final printing. What I am hoping to bring forward is that I enjoy the creative process and over a life time of observation and the study of people, I can tell a pretty good tale. Hope you enjoy my stories.w

The Confession of a Dyslexic Novelist

W. James Dickinson at work at his desk.
W. James Dickinson at work at his desk.

Being dyslexic would not be considered an asset it you aspire to write serious fiction. Add some adult attention deficit disorder to the mix and finishing a novel would be nearly impossible. On the other hand, if you are a lover of science fiction and fantasy, you would expect the hero to overcome great obstacles in the course of his fantastic journey.

The completion of my novel, Night of the Raptors, is testimony that a modern day hero can indeed overcome great obstacles to achieve the impossible but it took a group of very special friends Continue reading The Confession of a Dyslexic Novelist