W. James Dickinson

Author of the Mind-Speaker Series

The Mind-Speaker Series follows two young couples as they struggle to survive in a land where large flying predators wreak havoc on the colonists. To make matters worse, a freak solar storm wipes out all of their technology. Thrust back into the dark-ages just weeks after arriving at a promising planet, how will these people cope without their precious electronic devices?

Book One of the Mind-Speaker Series

Marooned in a Strange Land by W. James Dickinson
Marooned in a Strange Land

Marooned in a Strange Land follows Jamie and Amanda in the days after the freak solar storm strands them far from help. Each of them has to grow up fast or die in this hostile land. The nights are the worst, because that is when the Great Raptors dominate the skies, bringing death on silent wings. A bond with an indigenous species, an old book, a pocket knife and a remarkable crystal might hold the answer.

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Book Two of the Mind-Speaker Series

Night of the Raptors Available in print and eBook editions
Night of the Raptors

Night of the Raptors takes place years after the colony survives the loss of their technology. The culture that evolves has prospered until the Great Raptors return to bring flying death to the night. Mandeler and Gwenelle come together on a quest to end the reign of terror, but first they have to find the mythical green raptors to enlist their help. How can two small humans hope to turn the tide of fate to protect their people?

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